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Recently, Urban Youth Workers Institute CEO Tommy Nixon had a virtual interview with Kaitlyn Estevez, an urban youth leader in California. Both shared incredible insights. (To watch the interview, click here.)

A significant part of the interview detailed what leaders should do to build a healthy leadership team. In Exodus chapter five, Pharoah is brutally tough on the Israelites. Pharoah demands that the Israelites’ workload drastically increase without the necessary supplies to expedite the request. He tells them to build bricks without straw. It is a painful picture to imagine and a vital lesson in leadership. The demand on our leadership teams is high, and the pandemic has stripped us of some conveniences.

However, as the leader of your team, you can build top-tier leaders by considering these three things:

TOP Tips For Leaders

We help our leaders become stronger and more efficient when properly equipped. Constantly look for ways to help them lead more effectively. When was the last time you updated their resources? Consider the UYWI Digital Leadership Library, signup for the UYWI Next Level coaching, do training on studying and teaching the Bible, or have a listening session with your students about their needs.

Often, we have capable leaders who haven’t had the chance to prove themselves. Just as Jethro told Moses to share the work, you must do the same. Ask your leaders, “How would you do this if you were in my position?” There is a difference between delegation and shared responsibility. Opportunity is given for growing your leaders and not just giving away responsibility.

Personal Time:
As Jesus led his disciples, He spent time with them. Most of the time spent together was more than miracles and sermons. Jesus did life with them. He sat with them, ate, and lived among them.

When referencing his Sunday lead team, I once heard a leader say, “Family isn’t built in an hour.” Your team’s synergy on Sunday is based on how you love them all on the other days of the week. When was the last time you sat for coffee, sent a gift card, had a game night, or grabbed a sports game with your team?

There are leaders in your group that are ready to step up and others that need to be fed or challenged. God called you to this position, and the students you serve deserve the best.

Continue trusting God always and building top leaders daily!

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