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UYWI and DVULI Present Fuel Networks Partnership at CCDA 2022


By Will Cumby, National Director of Fuel Networks

Fuel Networks participated this month in the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference was four days of passionate teaching, in-depth workshops, and engaging networking sessions.

For me, it was a premiere opportunity to showcase our ten Fuel Networks powered by UYWI and DVULI. Additionally, it was a great time to recruit new network cities, discuss UYWI resources, and highlight the five 2023 DVULI cohorts that are currently recruiting.

The people who staffed it were the greatest attraction for our booth. In addition to me, UYWI CEO Tommy Nixon and key DVULI personnel–Eileen Kooreman, Shannon PotHoven, Gerald Bell, and Ron Carter–worked the booth.

Fuel Networks staff at booth at CCDA 2022

Pictured left to right: Gerald Bell (DVULI), Eileen Kooreman (DVULI), Tommy Nixon (UYWI), Will Cumby (Fuel Networks), Shannon PotHoven (DVULI), and Ron Carter (DVULI).

Dozens of people attended our networking session that broke down the three tiers of the Fuel Networks: gather and connect, carry and care, and create and collaborate.

We also discussed the three prerequisites for launching Fuel Networks:

  • Three committed leaders
  • At least ten connected ministries/organizations
  • Completed charter application

Our workshop was a personification of the DVULI and UYWI partnership. Using the highly acclaimed book, Rooting for Rivals, Gerald Bell, Tommy Nixon, and I led a discussion on how collaboration increases the pace of change.

Here are my three biggest takeaways from the CCDA conference:

The difference between being attracted and maintaining attention

Always present your best with the knowledge that your work is not worthless because the right ones will stick around. We bought a variety of candy to entice people to visit our booth. Some saw the candy and stayed for the conversation. Others unapologetically rifled through the candy, found their preference, and left without saying a word. In ministry and life, some are just excited by what you present. Unfortunately, everyone will not stick around for the presentation, which is ok. Paul wrote that he became like all so some people may be saved. 

Take your time

Some of the best conversations at CCDA came from standing in line to get coffee or walking between sessions. In our relentless pursuit of hurry, time is taken away from meeting people along the way. We did a lot of walking, and although we didn’t faint, we found time to grow relationships

Get the triple play

While Tommy was teaching about collaboration and shared resources, he challenged the workshop attendees to get a three-part win. How will the partnership allow you to win, your partner organization to win, and still have a collective victory for your goal? When there is a triple win, there are greater chances of sustained partnership and overall success.

The world has returned to conferences, and we are looking to attend conferences with DVULI cohorts, UYWI Cohorts, or Fuel Networks. Let us know which conferences are in your city, and we can meet you there! 

But don’t just take our candy. Stay for the conversation 🙂

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