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Things to consider pre and post Summer camp with your youth!

As a youth pastor or program leader, the decision to take your group to camp is not one to be taken lightly. However, the potential impact of a camp experience on the faith of your young participants is undeniable. Studies show that 75% of young people report a strengthened relationship with God after attending a Christian camp.

Before committing to a camp program, there are three crucial factors to consider:

1. Safety – Ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of your group is paramount. Research camp facilities, staff qualifications, and safety protocols to give your families peace of mind.

2. Alignment with your ministry – The camp’s values, programming, and spiritual emphasis should complement your church’s vision and your students’ needs.

3. Logistics – From transportation to dietary accommodations, carefully evaluate the camp’s ability to meet the unique requirements of your group.

But the work doesn’t stop when you return home. The three most important post-camp considerations are:

1. Continued engagement – Facilitate small group discussions, one-on-one mentoring, and service projects to help students apply their camp experience.

2. Family involvement – Equip parents to nurture their child’s newfound spiritual growth through resources and family activities.

3. Long-term discipleship – Integrate camp alumni into your regular youth programming to maintain momentum and provide ongoing support.

By thoughtfully addressing these factors, you can maximize the eternal impact of your camp experience and witness the transformative power of faith-based camping.

If you are looking for summer mission opportunities consider YouthWorks. The YouthWorks team has several great options for youth groups of all sizes and experience levels! Click here for more information – Summer Mission Trips


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Praying for you and your time at camp!

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